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Streaming Wars: the battle begins

18/11/2019 · Amazon (AMZN)  · Apple (AAPL)  · ITV PLC (ITV)  · Netflix (NFLX)  · Walt Disney (DIS) 

Financial Results FTSE 100 Media and Television UK US

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse standing outside Cinderella's castle

In the battle of the content streaming platforms, who does winning matter to most? Walt Disney, Apple and ITV have recently entered the market that has long been dominated by Netflix and Amazon.

It’s a wonderful time to be a TV fan. It costs just $38 per month to access all the films and programmes on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney+. Consumers can switch subscription month by month or simply sign up to all four, which is still less pricey than the cable bundles offered by TV companies in the previous few decades.

Content is better than ever. As media giants old and new seek to outdo…

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