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Our History

Investor’s Champion started life in 2006, providing research on small quoted companies. Back then, we were confused why the UK’s investors seemed fixated on large, slow growing companies and anonymous funds when there were a host of exciting smaller companies which provided faster growth and tax benefits.

We set up Investor’s Champion to introduce readers to those lesser known, smaller quoted companies. Since then, the website’s regular blogs and research have uncovered some outstanding small company success stories (and helped its readers avoid some disasters).

Our writers include highly experienced portfolio managers, financial journalists and seasoned investors. 

And over the last decade or so, we have come to realise that it is those stories that make people passionate about investment. Funds, bonds and currency might provide some attractive figures, but it’s the stories offered by companies that hook investors and keep them coming back for more.


Our aim is to provide a platform which gives more people access to the market-beating returns offered by some of the world’s best companies.

The Investors Champion website is now full of information for all investors; from the total beginner to the seasoned shareholder hunting for research and opinion on specific companies. While we are still passionate about the opportunities in smaller quoted companies, we’ve expanded away from our small company roots (although we still have a soft spot for them) to include research on all companies, reaching across the globe - our Ultimate Stocks Portfolio will introduce you some global titans.

Commissioned research

Listed companies with a great story to tell but who are struggling to get noticed by the investing community can also benefit from our commissioned coverage. Our substantial readership primarily covers individual investors, the largest domestic owners of UK listed companies by value (Source: ONS).

The nature of investing in AIM for Inheritance Tax planning purposes, where the tax benefit is only secured if the shares are held directly by the individual, rather than through a collective investment vehicle (fund or investment trust), means that individual investors are disproportionately large owners of AIM quoted securities. 

For further information on Investor's Champion's commissioned services service please call Chris Boxall on 01923 713890. 

Our Portfolio

We've tied up with our associates at Fundamental Asset Management to create model portfolios which we think will help make it easier for investors to gain the benefits of direct investment in the stock market.

The Investor’s Champion portfolios are market-beating baskets of at least 20 companies which aim to provide either long term growth or income. Check out the first two exciting portfolios here.

You can buy the portfolios via our associates at Fundamental Asset.