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Key people

Christopher Boxall

Christopher Boxall qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989. He was formerly with Deloitte & Touche and prior to establishing Fundamental Asset Management in 2004 was a Director at the Washington Financial Group where he was a key member of the investment management team of the Washington US Fund, a successful equity fund. Since 2004 Chris has been joint Chief Executive of Fundamental Asset Management Ltd with primary responsibility for equity research and management of client portfolios, including the high performing AIM Portfolio Service.

Stephen Drabwell

Stephen Drabwell was formerly with UBS as a sales trader on the portfolio trading desk and subsequently at Washington Financial Group where he was senior trader and a key member of the management team of the Washington US Fund. Stephen founded Fundamental Asset Management in 2004 where he is joint Chief Executive with overall responsibility for trading and risk management.

Megan Boxall

Megan Boxall is an investment journalist who spent nearly three years honing her skills at the Investors Chronicle. She is a specialist in large company financial reporting and has joined the team to help encourage a new generation of investors.

Roland Head

Roland is a private investor, analyst and writer on stock markets, with a particular fondness for free cash flow, dividends and value. He has passed the CFA Level 1 exam and holds the CFA UK Investment Management Certificate (IMC). Roland supports Investor’s Champion’s Income Boosters Portfolio

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