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The next $1trn company

17/02/2020 · Alphabet (GOOGL)  · Amazon (AMZN)  · Apple (AAPL)  · Microsoft (MSFT)  · Visa Inc (V) 

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Dollar sign and tech symbols

Amazon (US: AMZN) re-joined the $1trn club in January after reporting better than expected results for the three months to December 2019 – the crucial Christmas trading period. It’s a peak the company first hit in Autumn 2018 before the rising cost of innovation dented profit growth and spooked investors. Now, as it reaps the rewards of its period of heavy investment, Amazon looks set for a more prolonged stint in the $1trn club.

Barring any major market sell-offs  Microsoft (US: MSFT) and Apple (US: AAPL) also look comfortable with their 13-digit market capitalisations. Despite their might and advancing age, they were two of the fastest growing companies in the US in 2019. A fledgling start-up wouldn’t complain about 14% and 9% quarterly revenue growth – Microsoft and Apple are both over 40 years old.

Riding the momentum

And then there is  Alphabet (US:…

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