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Three reasons why there is no stopping Microsoft

30/01/2020 · Microsoft (MSFT) 

Financial Results Technology US

Microsoft senior management at earnings call

Tech expenditure has changed beyond all recognition in the last two decades. In the early days of personal computers, individuals paid for their device and a couple of annual licences to keep them running. Today we pay monthly subscriptions to multiple services across many industries.

For business, the increase is even starker as tech spending has expanded to include cyber security, virtual cloud storage and data analysis. Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella doesn’t see any sign that this trend is letting up: “tech spend as a percentage of GDP is projected to double over the next decade”, he said during the company’s second quarter earnings call.

That is excellent news for Microsoft (US: MSFT), which is one of only a handful of companies with the capacity to handle huge volumes of data. Indeed, as data generation rises, Microsoft’s competitive position over its smaller peers is strengthening…

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