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Walt Disney’s endgame is media domination

25/04/2019 · Walt Disney (DIS) 

Media and Television US

Walt Disney chief executive Bob Iger in Disney's Hollywood Studios with the cast of the Avengers

US icons feature heavily in our portfolio, but none are as recognisable as Walt Disney, which is fast approaching its 100th birthday.

Age isn’t stopping this company grab the opportunities of the modern media market. Over the next five years it plans to win 90 million new customers which could spark double-digit revenue growth. Read on to find out how this quality company keeps managing to silence its doubters. 

When tickets for the Avengers: Endgame were launched in the US on Tuesday 2 April, cinema websites crashed under the weight of demand. The same thing happened in Singapore when 72,000 people queued to buy tickets for the opening night. It’s a level of demand which has never been seen before in the cinema industry.

Fans are desperate to find out how the 10-year Avengers saga concludes, and the film could topple Avatar – which made…

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