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L’Oreal: winning the fight against ageing

11/02/2020 · L'Oreal (OR) 

Europe Financial Results Shares

L'Oreal advertising banner

L’Oreal’s website allows you to try out beauty products. Using your phone’s front camera and a bit of snazzy technology, the website will show you how your hair would look in ‘Colorista Bright Red’ or your eyebrows covered with ‘unbelieva’brow long-lasting brow gel’. If you like what you see, the products can be on their way to you in just a few clicks.

Makeup seems a strange thing to buy online, but more and more people are doing so, which is why L’Oreal (EPA: OR) reported a 52% increase in e-commerce sales in 2019. Revenues through both its own and third-party digital channels now contribute 16% of total sales.

Although an improved website is certainly partly responsible for the rise, L’Oreal must also thank the power of YouTube and Instagram for its surge in online sales. Tutorials which walk…

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