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Adidas: why the future of fashion is in the past

14/10/2019 · Adidas (ADS) 

ESG Europe Mega-trends Retail

Basketball player in Adidas branding

There are many upstarts in the world of fashion e-commerce, but not one of them dominates the sustainable fashion industry like Adidas. That is why we think this German giant is the best placed retailer to benefit from the major changes in consumer behaviour.

In 2019, the role of human intervention in climate change is incredibly contentious. On the one hand, almost 400 all-time high temperatures were set in the northern hemisphere in the summer of 2019; on the other Jair Bolsanaro is happy tearing down the Amazon Rainforest. But whether you believe David (Attenborough) or Donald (Trump), it’s hard to deny that rising consciousness about climate change is feeding a change in consumer behaviour across multiple markets.

But consumers can’t make change alone. Nor indeed can governments or global policy makers. Corporations are crucial players in the fight to change consumer behaviour for the…

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