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Worrying business models | Elderly simplicity

01/12/2022 · Duke Royalty Ltd (DUKE)  · Hotel Chocolat (HOTC)  · James Halstead (JHD)  · James Latham (LTHM) 

AIM AIM Inheritance Tax potential UK

Magadlen College library

Results and updates covered here include simplicity and excellence from an AIM elder and complexity and confusion from two more recent admissions to London’s growth market – one in particular leaves us scratching our heads.

James Halstead – sales ahead, but pressures mount

In its AGM statement commercial flooring company James Halstead (AIM:JHD) confirmed that in most markets sales are ahead of last year. Stock levels have also reduced by over 10% and the mild autumn means that the energy crisis has not further escalated.

Margins are being helped by a reduction in international shipping rates while the fall in the value of Sterling has offered a…

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