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Will Labour kill the UK’s pharma industry?

26/11/2019 · BT (BT.A)  · National Grid (NG)  · Royal Mail (RMG) 

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Labour party manifesto launch Jeremy Corbyn

Are businesses and investors right to fear a Labour government? Will our portfolios be hurt if Jeremy Corbyn wins the keys to number 10? We have run through the major policies which might impact your investment and picked out the main sectors which will struggle in a Labour victory.

The Labour Party has captured the most eye-catching policy of the General Election campaign so far: free fibre broadband for all. It’s a big promise and one that is not entirely backed up by numbers. But it’s certainly attractive to those who will make the decision regarding who ends up in Downing Street on 13 December.

For now, the UK’s voters haven’t yet been lured by Jeremy Corbyn’s promises and the Conservatives still have a commanding…

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Will Labour kill the UK’s pharma industry?

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Are businesses and investors right to fear a Labour government? Will our portfolios be hurt if…

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