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Gastronundrums of a student economist

12/03/2019 · Domino's Pizza (DOM)  · Just Eat (JE) 

Food and Drink Student Economist

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Students get a bad rap when it comes to money. But every year, half a million of us manage the cruel plunge into the deep end of economic independence and the infinity pool of student debt, and how? Because the student is no ordinary economist. Read on for my thoughts on the food sector.

I love food. I have loved food my whole life. When I was 11, I wrote a poem entitled My True Love. It was about a chocolate bar. Call it sad, concerning or just plain tragic, but I unashamedly adore eating and will forever have an undying affinity with this truly glorious practice. I therefore feel I am fully qualified to comment on eating options available to the modern foodie.

Starting with eating in.


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