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Reliable Relx is a portfolio essential

13/03/2019 · Relx (RELX) 

FTSE 100 Media and Television

Relx logo and branding on a banner in a building

Very few British companies tick all the requirements of the Investor’s Champion portfolio: decent growth, strong cash flow, impressive return on investment. Relx goes above and beyond these requirements and only faces a small number of challenges to its continued growth. We discuss the pros and cons in our in-depth analysis of the company and explain why Relx is a portfolio essential.

When it comes to quality and consistency, few British companies compare to Relx (LON: REL). The numbers speak for themselves. In the last five years, revenues at the media and publishing group have risen at an average pace of 5% and margins have expanded, sending net profits up over 8% every year. In the same period, the group has generated an average return on capital employed of 22% and converted more than 100% of net profits into free cash.

That quality is reflected in the group’s reporting. There’s no hidden agenda with Relx, management even roll pension costs into the net…

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