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Zoo Digital: why the valuation still looks bonkers

04/11/2019 · Apple (AAPL)  · Netflix (NFLX)  · Walt Disney (DIS)  · Zoo Digital (ZOO) 

AIM Inheritance Tax Media and Television UK

Zoo Digital office space

Is this yet another over-hyped and over-valued UK company with a flattering valuation? Or there is a meaningful growth story lurking.

Having fallen dramatically since our original 'bonkers blog', the share price of Zoo Digital (LON:ZOO) has staged a modest recovery over the past few months. However, the valuation still looks bonkers to us.

ZOO is a provider of cloud software-based subtitling, dubbing and media localisation services to the TV and movie industry with clients including Walt Disney (US: DIS), Warner Brothers and NBC Universal. The group claims to have ‘re-imagined localisation services’ with the launch of an 'ecosystem' which helps make…

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