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Fevertree: time to buy or further to fall?

Bottles of Fevertree tonic and glasses of gin and tonic

The long-predicted Fevertree flop finally has some numbers attached to it. Eighteen months of doubt – which has seen the company’s share price fall dramatically from its 3863p peak – has culminated in a disappointing trading update, which revealed that growth in the UK had stalled and US spending demands have rocketed. The subsequent share price fall means Fevertree’s value is now 62% below its peak.

Thus, Fevertree’s (LON: FEVR) many investors (past, present and future) will be pondering the same set of questions: does the current price present a good buying opportunity, could Fevertee be a takeover target or is the company only at the beginning of a long spiral downwards?

If the outlook was hinged entirely on the UK market (just over half of group sales), many more investors would likely be sprinting for the exit. In 2019, revenues fell…

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