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Why I’m buying: CVS Group

30/09/2019 · CVS Group (CVSG) 

AIM Inheritance Tax Shares

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The UK's largest provider of veterinary services has been a mainstay of Fundamental Asset Management's AIM portfolio for many years. But what made them keep the faith when the company disappointed the market with a series of profit warnings and what does the future hold?

Shareholders were rightly losing patience with veterinary services business CVS Group (LON: CVSG) in January following a series of disappointing trading updates. The dynamics of the UK veterinary market have changed significantly over past few years and a shortage of newly qualified vets, combined with the rapid consolidation of the sector, was making life hard for CVS, the UK’s largest consolidator.

The group was also ploughing on with its manic acquisition spree, moving into The Netherlands and…

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Why I’m buying: CVS Group

30/09/2019 · Company Insights

The UK's largest provider of veterinary services has been a mainstay of Fundamental Asset Management's AIM…

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