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Atlantis Resources - who is Sanjeev Gupta and the GFG Alliance?

07/02/2018 · SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd (SAE) 

Atlantis Resources - who is Sanjeev Gupta and the GFG Alliance?
Atlantis Resources’ (AIM:ARL) proposed acquisition of SIMEC Uskmouth Power will transform the AIM quoted group into a diversified renewable energy company of scale. Of perhaps even greater significance will be Atlantis’ ongoing partnership with GFG Alliance, led by Sanjeev Gupta.

This weekend’s Scotsman had an excellent article (‘The Big Interview: Indian tycoon Sanjeev Gupta’) on Mr Gupta which you can read from the link here.

BBC business correspondent Brian Meechan also followed the self-made steel baron in this BBC film ‘Man of Steel: Sanjeev Gupta’ which was shown in November 2017 and can be watched on BBC iPlayer from the link here.

We commented on the Atlantis deal with SIMEC…

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