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Atlantis Resources (AIM:ARL) – terms agreed to develop Wyre estuary

21/11/2017 · SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd (SAE) 

Atlantis Resources (AIM:ARL) – terms agreed to develop Wyre estuary
Following on from its June 2017 announcement of preferred developer status for the proposed Wyre Valley tidal barrage project, the global leader in tidal marine power generation has announced the signing heads of terms with the Duchy of Lancaster.

The heads of terms cover an option for the long-term lease of the riverbed from the Duchy required to develop the Wyre estuary tidal barrage and flood protection project.

Feasibility studies indicate that the Project’s optimal installed capacity is 160 MW, with forecast production of almost 300 GWh of sustainable energy each year.  

This would be coupled with flood protection capabilities and other amenities. 

Unfortunately this isn’t going to be quick, with the…

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