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Inheritance Tax planning favourites on AIM

01/08/2017 · James Halstead (JHD)  · Nichols (NICL)  · RWS Holdings PLC (RWS) 

Inheritance Tax planning favourites on AIM
Our latest Blog covers 4 solid AIM companies whose shareholder registers are dominated by long term Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) planning investors. These AIM for IHT stalwarts have delivered handsomely over long term and the future also looks promising. You can use our updated AIMsearch tool here to check on the IHT qualifying status of all AIM companies.

James Halstead (AIM:JHD), the commercial flooring manufacturer and distributor has been a favourite of AIM for IHT portfolios for many years, with the Halstead family, who have a material stake, no doubt having an eye on the IHT benefits as well.

James Halstead plc is a major international group of companies that manufacture many of the notable brands in commercial, contract and consumer flooring. The group has built a global reputation for the quality…

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