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Which investment platform? IG

24/09/2019 · IG Group (IGG) 

Personal Finance UK

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Picking the stocks and funds to fill an investment portfolio is not easy, but it isn’t the only choice facing investors. The platform is part of an investor’s decision-making process. That’s why we’ve launched a series investigating the best platform to use to make your money go further. First up: IG.

A perk of using a platform which is listed in London is that company financial results can add insight into the consumer experience – London-listed IG (LON: IGG) can be assessed from the view of both an investor and a customer.

Financial results show that IG’s focus is still rooted in its heritage as a provider of leveraged investment options, including spread betting and contracts for difference (CFDs). These allow investors to use a loan to buy a stake in a company which is larger than the amount of capital they have free to invest. IG charges commission on the loan it provides to…

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Which investment platform? IG

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Picking the stocks and funds to fill an investment portfolio is not easy, but it isn’t the…

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