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Steaming ahead

22/09/2021 · Eagle Eye Solutions (EYE)  · IXICO PLC (IXI)  · Mission Group (TMG)  · Nexteq (NXQ)  · Strix Group PLC (KETL)  · Warpaint London (W7L) 

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Boiling kettle

While some companies covered here are still in recovery mode, others have demonstrated admirable resilience and even thrived in the new environment. Our pick of the day is a fast-growing provider of technology to the retail sector while a data analytics company delivering insights in neuroscience also continues to impress (Free to read)

Mission Group: value trap or bargain?

Marketing communications and advertising specialists Mission Group (LON: TMG), announced encouraging interim results and there were mercifully fewer adjustments than previous years – our previous Blog here - Mission Marketing offers another horror show of adjustments - highlighted the previous issues with this business.

Despite significant disruption from the pandemic revenues for the six months ending 30 June rose 17.8% to £34.1m with headline operating profit…

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