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AIM arrivals: an uplifting end to 2019

07/01/2020 · MJ Hudson Group PLC (MJH)  · Pebble Group PLC (PEBB) 

AIM Inheritance Tax IPOs UK

AIM arrivals: an uplifting end to 2019

2019 was very much a year to forget for new issues on AIM and we fear that 2020 will be little different unless the London Stock Exchange comes up with a more effective strategy to tempt entrepreneurs away from the burgeoning coffers of private equity, which continues to represent a more attractive option for many small growing businesses.

At the end of 2019 there were 863 companies on AIM, with the total market value £104bn. This compares to 872 companies at the end of November 2019 when AIM’s market value was £100bn. There were two new arrivals and eleven departures in December 2019.

Remember to use our updated AIMsearch tool from the link here to check on the Inheritance Tax qualifying status of all AIM companies.

AIM closed 2018 with 923 companies and a market value of…

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